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We make many types of assembly in our operations, both based on purchased as well as internally manufactured components. Each customer project is unique but throughout our history we have gained experience in the following areas of assembly.

Our full potential and experience is being used in projects containing plastic and metal components with very high demands on fine visible surfaces. We know that we create value for our customers thanks to having internal production and knowledge about sheet metal processing, injection molding, surface treatment and assembly.

Customer requirements

All our system solutions or assemblies, including various types of components that joint together, are initially managed as customer projects according to specific customer requirements and general requirement from the Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) from IATF16949. Our experienced Project Managers run the projects with cross-functional teams that make sure all aspects are considered in order to deliver on time with the expected quality levels. The cross-functional approach, with a high level of transparency towards our customers, are used in our work processes all the way from a RFQ review through quotation calculation, technical review, tool design review, test-run, validation, run-at-rate to full industrialization.

System solutions

The system solutions that we assemble typically includes components made of plastics (injection molding, vacuum forming) and metals (sheet metal processing, pipe processing, turning) and are joint together using various types of technologies such as welding, screwing, riveting, taping and clipping. The welding could be MIG, MAG, TIG or Laser for metals and vibration or ultrasonic welding for plastics. Depending on the physical complexity and serial volumes the system solution are assembled using manual assembly or robot assembly.


We are a recognized as a reliable specialist in combining all the above processes in order to create the most cost-effective components for its customers, especially when there is also a demand for decorative and sustainable surfaces. Our experience from different types of customer applications in the field of system solutions covers areas such as Tread plates (interior), Scuff plates (exterior), Running boards (exterior), Skidplates (exterior), Door Styling (exterior), Wheel Arc Extenders (exterior), Storage systems (interior), Cup holders (interior), Panels (interior).

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