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Mechanical components and systems since 1893.

About Preciform

Preciform is a reliable supplier of mechanical components and systems with a successful track-record on both Engineer-To-Order and Manufacture-To-Print businesses to the OEM industry.

We are specialized in plastic injection molding, sheet metal processing and assembly making decorative products in plastics, stainless steel and aluminum for the automotive, appliance and safety industry.

We have 120 years of experience working with sheet metal processing and components with fine visible surfaces for consumer products.

Award winning

We have been awarded for our work through the years. Our latest award is VQE (Volvo Quality Excellence) Award by Volvo Car Group that we are very proud of.

CSR and sponsorship

We believe in giving back to our society in different ways. We give to charities and sponsor local sport clubs.


Do you want to be part of an exciting journey? Do you want to become a colleague with us at Preciform? Check out our career page.


Preciform AB is certified according to:
IATF 16949:2016 &
ISO 14001:2015

Copies of the certificates can be downloaded here:
IATF 16949:2016
ISO 14001:2015

EDI and logistics

To increase the effectiveness in our processes Preciform uses EDI (electronical sharing of information) connected to our customers different business systems. The communication with our customers happens quickly and reliably, simultaneously we get a better control of our production status. It gives a better delivery performance and a simplification of the routines for delivery reports, delivery notification and invoicing which we and our customers profit.

More detailed information about EDI and the type of standards that we use can be found here.

Corporate structure

Preciform is part of the CalixKlippan AB, owned by Bark Invest AB.

We are sustainable

Preciform work proactive with reduction of CO2 emissions and to increase renewable energy in our production. Also for reduce CO2 emissions when mining of new raw materials proactive work for introduction to use more recycled material in steel, aluminium and plastic but also other raw materials.