Metal Processing

We produce metal components in mechanical presses in a range from 60t – 500t press force. The metal forming are mostly based on typebound toolings with both automatic and manual production, depending on the complexity and serial volume of the final product.

Deep drawing

Deep drawing make it possible to produce hermetical and thin sheet casings without welding. The method allows us to manufacture products where the relation between strength and weight are very advantageous. Different structures which increases the stiffness of the material can be achieved without increasing the thickness of the material. Preciform have a wide experience and substantial knowledge about deep drawing of different materials, foremost stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.

Pressing and punching

Forming and punching of sheet metal is done in our pressing machines that are equipped with progressive or single punch tools. We have a long history of producing decorative products in stainless steel or aluminum with high visual demands.

Surface treatment

Sheet metal components typically require some type of surface treatment for cosmetic or protection purposes. The following treatments are being used on components that we produce today:

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