Our history

Preciform is a reliable supplier of mechanical components and systems with a successful track-record on both Engineer-To-Order and Manufacture-To-Print businesses to the OEM industry.

We are specialized in plastic injection molding, sheet metal processing and assembly making decorative products in plastics, stainless steel and aluminum for the automotive, appliance and safety industry.

We have 120 years of experience working with sheet metal processing and components with fine visible surfaces for consumer products.

Carl Särenholm

The history of Preciform AB starts 1893 under the company name AB Carl Särenholm. The young entrepreneur Carl Särenholm started the company with one turning machine and a technical knowledge that he had achieved from his time as journeyman in Germany, France and Italy. The company’s first products were drawings set and instruments. In the beginning of 1930s the company expanded heavily with contracted production of army supplies. Over the next 30 years AB Carl Särenholm produced metal components like rakes, hooks, skates and beds. In the 1960s and -70s the company produced mechanical cash registers in stainless steel but the product discontinued with the introduction of the electronic era.

Vilsta industrial area

In 1974 the company moved the operations from the city centre of Eskilstuna to Vilsta industrial area, just outside Eskilstuna. In springtime of 1976 AB Carl Särenholm was acquired by Nickelbolaget i Eskilstuna AB, a company that had 85 years of experience producing sheet metal components to the Swedish army. 2 years later the company changed name to Hasselfors Preciform AB, became a member of the Hasselfors group of company, and consolidated the operations in the new facilities in Vilsta industrial area.

Since 1992 the company operates under the name Preciform AB, is privately owned and belongs to a group of companies with a focus on automotive industry.