Preciform use four main elements for sustainability; Raw Material, Workforce Wellbeing, Carbon Neutrality and Circular Value Chain.

Preciform work proactive with reduction of CO2 emissions and to increase renewable energy in our production. Also for reduce CO2 emissions when mining of new raw materials proactive work for introduction to use more recycled material in steel, aluminium and plastic but also other raw materials.

Preciform request information from our sub-supplier base for sustainability information and data, in proactive dialog with our customers point out opportunities and threads for together introduce recycled raw material in our products from our manufacturing.

We also have a environmental policy.

Sustainable raw materials

Source raw materials sustainably

Workforce wellbeing

Aim to ensure employees in our supply chain are treated well and empowered

Carbon Neutrality

Strive towards a carbon neutral supply chain

Circular Value Chain

Promote circular use of resources in our value-chain

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